Skin Rejuvenation

Discover Kingston Laser & Cosmetic Clinic’s selection of skin perfecting treatments. Achieve radiant, perfect skin that is always photo-ready through medical-grade peels, oxygeneo facials and microdermabrasion. Turn heads and maintain a youthful glow thanks to industry leading skin therapies.

Medical Grade Peels

At Kingston Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, we offer a variety of peels ranging from light peels which brighten skin and give it a healthy glow, to deeper peels that address fine lines, uneven pigmentation, melasma and acne.

Our Medical Grade Peels are done by our highly trained aestheticians and are done under the supervision of our doctors. Multiple sessions are recommended every few weeks to achieve the best results.

Who Can Benefit From a Medical Grade Peel?

Medical Grade Peels are recommended for men and women whose skin shows signs of aging, brown marks, uneven tone, fine lines and wrinkles, blackheads and acne.

How Does It Work?

Over time and with sun exposure there is a gradual slowing down in the rate old cells leave the skin surface. This results in a surface layer that is dead and dull, giving the appearance of aged skin.

Medical grade solutions are applied to the skin to loosen cells allowing the dead skin to slough off, leaving the skin underneath with a fresher healthier look and feel. These special solutions are only offered at medical clinics that have physicians and include glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid in different strengths and combinations.

With higher concentrations and long-term use, medical grade peels may help to affect the deeper layers of the skin causing collagen and elastin to regenerate, diminishing fine lines in the face.

To ensure you maintain your rejuvenated skin, we recommend the daily use of a specialized skin care regimen formulated especially for you to use at home.

For more information on how you can benefit from Customized Medical Grade Peels, simply call us at Kingston Laser & Cosmetic Clinic at (613) 384-4200 to book your free, confidential consultation.

Oxygeneo Facial

Radiant skin is a treatment away! Oxygeneo technology is an innovative skin renewing treatment that delivers 3 essential treatments simultaneously:

  • exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin
  • infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients
  • oxygenation of the skin generated from within

This combination improves skin tone, evens texture and nourishes the complexion – giving you a balanced, healthy glow.

  • can be used on all skin types
  • no down time! May continue all normal activities, make-up, skin care immediately
  • the treatment takes about 30 minutes


Microdermabrasion is a simple, non-invasive, skin resurfacing treatment that revitalizes dull skin, reduces large pores, improves fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pigment irregularities and age spots.

Often referred to as the “Lunch Time Treatment”, our Microdermabrasion treatment is 45 minutes long and done by our highly trained medical aestheticians – very relaxing!

Our Diamond Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation treatment to remove rough, dry skin and is a very effective way to exfoliate compared to manual scrubs or other drugstore products. There is no downtime and it is suitable for all skin types.

More About Microdermabrasion

This treatment reveals more even skin texture and smooth, soft, glowing skin. Your makeup will go on smoother and more evenly over your rejuvenated skin.

Microdermabrasion is often combined with chemical facial peels. Both treatments help to open clogged pores and promote the production of new skin cells and improve the function as well as the appearance of your skin.

Call us at Kingston Laser & Cosmetic Clinic at (613) 384-4200 to book your complimentary consultation and learn how Microdermabrasion may enhance your natural look.

Case 1A Peels for Melasma After

Case 1A Peels for Melasma Before

Case 1B Peels for Melasma After

Case 1B Peels for Melasma Before

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