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Who doesn’t want glowing, flaw­less and healthy-looking skin? It seems everywhere we turn, there are new products, makeup and treatments that claim to help us achieve this look. And yet, that goal can still feel so far out of reach, no matter how many approaches we try.

This year at Kingston Laser, we wanted to solve this problem and found Halo to be a revolutionary solution.

This treatment is very unique, as it is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. Halo combines the benefits of ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing technol­ogy to create stunning results, but with minimal downtime.

In the past, ablative laser resurfacing treatments have been widely recognized to create amazing results, but recovery took five to six weeks and the process was very painful.

Non-ablative treatments had shorter downtime but required numerous treat­ments to achieve any noticeable result. Halo is the best of both worlds: it only requires one or two treatments per year to create optimal results and the recovery process only takes a few days.

The Halo technology is highly custom­izable. This allows our laser technicians to treat clients with any skin type, and to work with them to create a personalized treatment to target their unique needs and expectations.

The ablative and non-ablative wavelengths can be fine-tuned to develop the perfect treatment for each individual, to create improvement in the skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appear­ance of pores, and reverse the signs of sun damage.

What is so interesting about this treat­ment is that the Halo glow is really found from within. First, the laser creates small, controlled columns of thermal injuries in the skin. Then, your body responds by triggering its natural healing response. Skin imperfections continue to improve over time to create that sought-after glow. This combination of treating the epider­mis (the layer of skin we see) and the dermis (the layers of skin we can’t see) creates a synergistic effect that cannot be achieved with any other technology.

As with any cosmetic treatment, a thor­ough consultation with an experienced professional is necessary for every person interested in achieving the “Halo Glow”. The staff at Kingston Laser love educat­ing people of all ages and backgrounds about this exciting new technology.

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