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Every individual has a set number of fat cells. As we gain or lose weight, these cells can expand and shrink. Many people achieve weight loss through a healthy diet and exercise, but may still be left with a stubborn pocket of fat. These people are the perfect candidates for CoolSculpting, a cosmetic treatment that takes advan­tage of the higher freezing temperature of fat cells to safely and efficiently sculpt stubborn body fat.

CoolSculpting can kill 20-25 per cent of fat cells in the treated area by fat reduc­tion. This process works by combining technology and nature: controlled cool­ing and suction is used to treat the area, and then the body’s natural processes take over, flushing out the dead fat cells for good. The whole process is completely non-surgical and requires little or no downtime.

At Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic, our experienced team works with two CoolSculpting machines in unison to help patients customize their contour. We sat down with Laura* to hear about her personalized CoolSculpting journey.

What was the first step in your CoolSculpting process?

I had a lovely, comfortable and free consultation at Kingston Laser. I have been going there for about 10 years now and only trust them with my cosmetic procedures. I was told I am a perfect candidate for CoolSculpting. I eat well and exercise often but as age crept up, I just could not lose my stubborn belly fat. They worked with me to find the perfect applicator sizes and to give me a person­alized pricing plan. I never felt pressured in any way.

Can you walk us through treatment day?

All I felt was a slight tugging, a bit of cold, and then nothing at all. The areas that had less fat were a tad more uncomfortable, but honestly it was a breeze. My techni­cian was awesome at explaining all the details to me as things were happening. It all went a lot better than I had anticipated.

What was your experience post treatment?

The next day, the area was sensitive, like a mild rug burn. It was slightly swollen, and of course, numb. I wasn’t ready to get back into my skinny jeans yet, but loose yoga pants felt fine. The second day I was still swollen, but much less sensitive. For the next week I still felt numb and also a bit itchy in spots, but the swelling went down. After that week I was pretty well back to normal!

Do you have any advice for others about to embark on their CoolSculpting journey?

Results will not be immediate; you must be patient. After three months, I looked amazing! It’s also good to note that this treatment works best when paired with clean eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

“I just loved my CoolSculpting, if you’re wavering about start­ing your journey —don’t!”

The expert team at Kingston Laser is passionate about educating patients about this exciting new technology, and providing them with a highly person­alized plan to achieve their ideal body shape. A thorough consultation by a certified technician is the most import­ant step in setting you on the right path in your CoolSculpting journey.

*Patient’s name was changed for confidentiality.

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